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Can you please list spawns for any vocation or level that are good to hunt if you need to AFK a lot in real-life? By this I mean, not logout but easily get out of the spawn to a safe-zone like upstairs, protection zones nearby or maybe even levitated where creatures can't get to you. The reason I am suggesting this as a question is because when I was younger and lived with my parents I easily got interrupted on a daily basis. I needed to only hunt at places where I could AFK easily as I didn't want to risk exit logging and dying. I think this will be beneficial for all in case your in a situation where you know you might need to AFK at any moment.

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If you are on optional pvp or you are just not scared to be pked I would reccomend you:

Demons yalahar, there are stairs. for 130 lvl + with demon task ED MS RP

Minotaurs on Oramond for 50-150 level RP ED MS

Oramond West have safe Zone at west gate, for 150 lvl ED MS

Oramond Glooth Factory for 200 lvl EK RP you have there stairs at enterance to that place.

Talahu isle for hydra task for 130 level EK MS RP ED

Malada isle for Giant spider task for level 80 EK MS RP ED

Ramoa isle for Bonebeast task for level 50 EK MS RP ED

Liberty bay Wyrms under moutain and on moutain easy way to stairs. 50 level ED MS RP EK

Zao Muggy plains for 80 level RP MS ED with Lizard Task

Zao Lizard Chosens at Muggy plains where every room have stairs. 80 level ED MS RP

Plains of Havoc for Giant spider task on 80 level for ED MS RP EK safe spot on Temple

Yalahar cemetery quarter and Grim Reapers easy way to exani hur Up on building. 80 RP 130 MS

As teamhunt Nightmare Isle easy way to stairs.

Lower roshammul or bridge for 130 level RP

Remember you can set mark on stairs on minimap and If you click on it your character will enter spot and went up or down to your safe zone.

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As an addition to other's answers, I'll list some higher level spots:

  • Asuras Mirror / Palace: There is a protection zone really close, in the spot the boat leaves you, here:
  • Falcon Castle: the boat is protection zone, also, the roof over Grand Commander Soeren theres no creatures.
  • Falcon underground: You can enter oberon lever room and be safe (you risk someone pushing you into lever oberon, tho)
  • Juggernaut / Plague seal: You can temporarily enter lever teleport (on jugg seal it will push you out after 5 minutes, so be super careful here), or push lever and be afk inside mini-boss room (15 min), or inside boss-lever room (unlimited time)
  • Elite Skeletons: Inside the hunting spot there is a quest door (A), and also at the entrance you can afk at the stairs (B)



  • Guzzlemaw Valley (Horns/Bones): There is a exani hur up spot (A) or if you found 11 bottles in roshamuul, you can dig and hide inside a cave (B), here:


  • Energy Section Library: There is a stairs with no creatures up, here:


  • Summer Court (Fire elfs): There is a stairs that leads underground at the surface, with no creatures:


  • Winter Court (Ice elfs): On the highest floor there are no creatures, just go upstairs here:


  • Fafnar Cultists (Issavi Mountain): Just go up any of those 2 stairs and you will be safe of any creatures!
  • Roshamuul Prison: You can be afk in either Gaz'Haragoth stairs or Omrafir, here:
  • Oramond Catacombs: entrance stairs, here:


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Just to add to Skejciors great answer

For Giant Spiders and Nightmare/Nightmare Scions a great spot is the Yalahar Cemetary quarter. The Castle there ground floor is a safe spot on the stairs. Just East you have Nightmares etc, just upstairs you have a lot of Giant Spiders in easily managable numbers. Used to Hunt there a lot when I was going to be going AFK for periods of time