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The monster called Cake Golem appears only during the world quest called A Piece of Cake. But during the last Piece of Cake in my world I could not kill any of these cake monsters... Apparently I missed the raids of the first phase of the world quest, and it was probably 6 or 7 hours from server save only (maybe less).

How, when and where these monsters tend to spawn? I must log right after Server Save to guarantee the points?

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Cake Golems starts spawn when the world event start  only during the 1st stage. It spawns once per hours in few cities:

  • Thais
  • Carlin
  • Edron
  • Darashia
  • Liberty Bay
You have to kill 5 to get charm points.
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You have to kill 5 of them to complete the bestiary. Best way to kill them is using physical damage, but it's not a deal to finish this monsters.  

You will find them, during the first stage of the world event A Piece of Cake (from February 21st to 26th), at Thais, Edron, Darashia, Carlin e Liberty Bay. 

The Cake Golems spawn at different places, clicking here you can check a video of them at Edron.

Source: Tibiawiki.com.br; Emulov Sun channel at youtube.

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Cake Golems doesn't spawn next to machine. For example in Liberty Bay golems spawn in the centre next to depo.
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thanks for your advice, I checked it and you were right.