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As every Christmas we will find NPC Santa Claus and he will give us a reward for being good boys , but what is the best we can get from him??


Has a house on the Ice Island of Vega

near the Depot.Ab'Dendriel: Underground shops, near Shanar.
Ankrahmun: In the Tavern west from boat.
Carlin: At Dane's shop (underground), south west of depot.
Darashia: South of town, next to the Tavern.
Edron: Inside Castle, next to the Depot.
Farmine: In the Tavern west from the steamship.
Gray Beach: Inside the Depot.
KazordoonJolly Axeman Tavern.
Liberty Bay: West of the depot.
Port Hope: Grassy area south of depot.
Rathleton: In the Grand Opera Café, west from depot.
Svargrond: West of depot.
Thais: At Frodo's shop, north east of depot.
Venore: Under main depot.
Yalahar: In the Tavern east from depot.

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Looking at the classification determined for the best items possible, these five are very rare items to obtain and also are extremely valuable to own, according to prices stipulated on https://tibia.fandom.com/

Here is the short list of the best rewards that you can get from Santa Claus (values are based most likely on Open-PvP prices):

Bunnyslippers Bunnyslippers

Value 60,000,000 - 80,000,000 gp

Bear DollBear doll

Value 15,000,000 - 30,000,000 gp

Ball GownBall Gown

Value 25,000,000 - 35,000,000 gp

Teddy BearTeddy Bear

Value about 1,000,000 gp max

Santa TeddySanta Teddy

Value about 50,000 gp


Apart from that, I should tell that according to tests made by Tibia Wiki, Santa Claus will most likely gift you with low value items (test made with 1002 trials):

ItemAmountPercentageTries to get 1
10 Candy Canes + Green Christmas Bundle22122.06%5
10 Candy Canes + Red Christmas Bundle20220.16%5
10 Candy Canes + Blue Christmas Bundle19119.06%6
10 Candy Canes + 10 Snowballs15815.77%7
10 Candy Canes + Piggy Bank737.29%14
Dwarven Ring + Ring of Healing + Energy Ring454.49%23
Red Gem323.19%32
Bullseye Potion + Mastermind Potion + Berserk Potion181.8%56
Shiny Stone161.6%63
Violet Gem131.3%78
Gold Ingot111.1%92
Amulet of Loss60.6%167
Dracoyle Statue40.4%251
Panda Teddy30.3%334
Stuffed Dragon30.3%334
Snowman Doll20.2%501
Santa Doll20.2%501
Dragon Claw10.1%1002
Santa Teddy10.1%1002
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Those prices of the rares are from pvp right? because for example on secura ball gown is 20-40kk
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They didn't mention from where they took the value, but I would assume that they are talking about Open-PvP worlds. As you know, most of Optional-PvP are more likely to have a bigger values for items (kind of a "natural inflation" that we can observe between different worlds with different styles. Money tends to be more valuable on Open-PvP and Enforced PvP, so we can expect the value of the rare items having a higher price on Optional-PvP worlds). Thanks for mentioning this important detail that I overlooked!
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I corrected a little prices based on Antica market, forum and tibiabosses rares pricecheck :)
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Rare and very rare:

So the best item that Santa NPC can give us are: Bunnyslipers (60-90kks) , Ball Gown (20-30kk) , Bear Doll (20-30kk).

Also, if your server successfully finished the Lightbearer event and you helped by lighting all 10 fire basins, you may ask him for a very special present. You will then receive the Blazebringer mount.

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It would be better if the answer wasn't a screenshot
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I tried but It saya continuosly that I was posting above the characters allowed
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i want bunnyslipers!