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Hello Dear Tibians!

What are the available items to obtain by trading for Christmas Tokens? How much cost any of them?

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Christmas token  worth 100gp-2k (market price Antica). 

You can get 50 tokens from The Lightbearer. You can exchange  Christmas Present Bag [Looted from Grynch Clan Goblin] for one christmas token.

 (Vega, nearby Santa's House) exchanges them for the following items:

hi > turn in

1image for imageChristmas Cookie Tray

1image for imageGingerbreadman

10image for imageGingerbread Recipe

25image for image Jewel Case

50image for image Santa Hat

75image for  image Santa Backpack

75image for image Snowflake Tapestry

100image for image Santa Doll

150image for  image Snowman Doll

150image for image Snow Globe

250image for imageFrazzlemaw Santa

250image for image Leaf Golem Santa

250image for image Maxxen Santa

250image for image Santa Music Box

250image for image Ferumbras Teddy Santa

250image for image Orclops Santa 

250image for image Santa Fox

250image for image Nightmare Beast Santa

250  for  Santa Leech

500image for image Santa Teddy

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Your response doesnt tell me what the items are.. just pictures is not enough. not specific enough in my point of view.
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you can open on graphics and then read the name, besides there is a limit of words can be changed discovery I wrote this statement.
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Firstly it's suggested to travel to Vega. But be warned, you will need either

Christmas Present bags  Christmas Present Bagor Christmas Tokens Christmas Token

To travel to Vega it can be accessed by taking the Nordic Ferry North west in Carlin which will cost around 20 gp. You just ask the NPC to travel you to Vega. Next, you need to go to NPC Ruprecht whom is North west in Vega next to Santas hut

Ruprecht  This is our pal Ruprecht. Once you meet with him you can trade in Christmas Present Bags for Christmas Tokens. To obtain Christmas Tokens you can participate in the event called Lightbearer which happens once a year in November and light one basin and you get rewarded 50 Christmas Tokens. However, if you want more coins you will have to exchange Christmas Present Bags for the Tokens. To obtain the Christmas bags you will have to participate in the Santa Event.

Grynch Clan Goblin There's a creature called Grynch Clan Goblins  whom drop this bag.  It has two phases, the first phase starts on December 12 when Santa Claus and Messenger of Santa are spotted in every city, the second phase starts on December 20 when Grynch Clan Goblins invade every city every day. The event ends on December 31. Through this event you are able to get a number of Christmas-related items. Usually, at least one new Christmas-related item is implemented at every Winter Update.

What you can get for trading in coins with NPC Ruprecht is the following:

 250 tokens: a santa leech.

 Christmas Cookie Tray 1 token: a Christmas Cookie Tray.
Gingerbreadman 1 token: a Gingerbreadman.
Gingerbread Recipe 10 tokens: a Gingerbread Recipe.
Jewel Case 25 tokens: a Jewel Case.
Santa Hat 50 tokens: a Santa Hat.
Santa Backpack 75 tokens: a Santa Backpack.
Snow Flake Tapestry 75 tokens: a Snow Flake Tapestry.
Santa Doll 100 tokens: a Santa Doll.
Snow Globe 150 tokens: a Snow Globe.
Snowman Doll 150 tokens: a Snowman Doll.
Ferumbras' Teddy Santa 250 tokens: a Ferumbras' Teddy Santa.
Frazzlemaw Santa 250 tokens: a Frazzlemaw Santa.
Leaf Golem Santa 250 tokens: a Leaf Golem Santa.
Maxxen Santa 250 tokens: a Maxxen Santa.
Nightmare Beast Santa 250 tokens: a Nightmare Beast Santa.
Orclops Santa 250 tokens: an Orclops Santa.
Santa Fox 250 tokens: a Santa Fox.
Santa Music Box 250 tokens: a Santa Music Box.
Santa Teddy 500 tokens: a Santa Teddy.

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it isn't the same, but it has been exhausted a long time ago and Idk  why to duplicate the same, since you can find other unanswered questions.
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you comment is unnecessary duplicate and you gave me vote down in my best answer, kay :) I care about order on the site and you are malicious.
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my answers very different than yours - you're being very hostile over something so minor. all i did was respond to a question exactly what this sites about. your telling me there's a 'order' on the site. according to you you're number 1 and after a question has 1 answer i can't respond because now im competition. you're very mean and your making this fansite seem like it's not a peaceful environment you shouldn't be tolerated. this is about christmas for petes sakes.
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