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Hello Dear Tibians!

What are the available items to obtain by trading for Christmas Tokens? How much cost any of them?

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Christmas token  worth 100gp-2k (market price Antica). 

You can get 50 tokens from The Lightbearer. You can exchange  Christmas Present Bag [Looted from Grynch Clan Goblin] for one christmas token.

 (Vega, nearby Santa's House) exchanges them for the following items:

hi > turn in

1image for imageChristmas Cookie Tray

1image for imageGingerbreadman

10image for imageGingerbread Recipe

25image for image Jewel Case

50image for image Santa Hat

75image for  image Santa Backpack

75image for image Snowflake Tapestry

100image for image Santa Doll

150image for  image Snowman Doll

150image for image Snow Globe

250image for imageFrazzlemaw Santa

250image for image Leaf Golem Santa

250image for image Maxxen Santa

250image for image Santa Music Box

250image for image Ferumbras Teddy Santa

250image for image Orclops Santa 

250image for image Santa Fox

250image for image Nightmare Beast Santa

250  for  Santa Leech

500image for image Santa Teddy

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The answer is right and complete, also updated I didn’t know about the new doll :)
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As I mentioned earlier on the site there was a limit of words and I got an error when the answer was too long, that's why I fixed it now and... not only added the names of the items, much more.