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Well, what are the possible rewards that can be obtained from Chuck Nourish "battle"? (technically you don't kill him, but anyway...)

Any rares? What are the odds of getting some special stuff from him?

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As far as I can tell, he always drops a violet gem, and rarely one of the plushies, I've done it 100 times and got 100 gems and a plushie of Devovorga and a Sight of Surrender's plushie.

So, I guess the rares would be the plushies, I did it with a lot of people and they never dropped any of the plushies, so I guess the odds are below 1%.
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Good to know about that. Any plushie may drop from him, although it will be a rare occasion?
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I know people who dropped Plushie, but I still had only gems and I did about 60 times. I think it doesn't depend on dmg, but rare but at the moment it is difficult to say what the chance is.

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hm, he drops any plushie from the event?
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yes, from this boss friend dropped Devovorga Plushie but don't have screen :(