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Well, what are the possible rewards that can be obtained from Chuck Nourish "battle"? (technically you don't kill him, but anyway...)

Any rares? What are the odds of getting some special stuff from him?

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Angry King Chuck.gifKing Chuck +Orger Treasure.gif Orger Treasurer = This is what you can get from satisfying King Chuck!

  1. Violet Gem.gifViolet Gem
  2.  A chance at a plushie (Cannot verify for all types, but I can verify with the Hydra. I've heard of other people obtaining all different types). I strongly believe the plushies must be either rare (0.5-1%) or very rare (less than 0.5%) And participation most likely has a lot to do with it.

plushie of devovorga plushie of Gaz'haragothplushie of King Tibianus Sight of Surrender's plushieplushie of a deeplingplushie of  a hydra

I've never looted a Plushie myself and I've killed King Chuck Nourish more times than I can count because I've participated in every event, and even the time when he didn't have a cooldown. So I want to estimate I've killed him over 100 times and no plushie so far for me! My real-life husband looted a Plushie of a Hydra in a team of 2. I strongly believe participation has a huge amount in whether or not you get the plushie. I suspect every Plushie is possible to obtain from him, not just the Hydra however this is just the experience I witnessed and I cannot confirm with other plushies personally. I will edit this if I have more confirmation.

     3. You also obtain 100 Festive Points each time you satisfy King Chuck Nourish. In order to get the festive points, you need to reach a certain participation level once the chest appears. If the participation level is too low, you'll only receive a gem. ~Official CM Reply

     4. Orcsoberfest Garb outfit and souvenirs

Orcsoberfest GarbBase Outfit (participate in 2 events)Addon 1 (participate in 4 events)Addon 2Addons 1+2
MaleOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Male.gifLederhosenTraditional Shirt.gifOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Male Addon 1.gifTraditional NeckerchiefTraditional Stein.gifOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Male Addon 2.gifTraditional Leather ShoesTraditional Gamsbart HatOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Male Addon 3.gif
FemaleOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Female.gifLederhosenTraditional Shirt.gifOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Female Addon 1.gifTraditional NeckerchiefTraditional Stein.gifOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Female Addon 2.gifTraditional Leather ShoesTraditional Gamsbart HatOutfit Orcsoberfest Garb Female Addon 3.gif

You will automatically obtain the Orcsoberfest base outfit called, "Orcsoberfest Garb" once you've successfully spawned the Orger Treasure during the final boss fight with King Nourish for 2 different events of Orcsoberfest. You will obtain addon 1 after 4 events. Lastly, you will obtain the full outfit after participating in 6 events. Unlocking the full outfit will grant you the Traditionalist achievement which is 6 achievement points!

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As far as I can tell, he always drops a violet gem, and rarely one of the plushies, I've done it 100 times and got 100 gems and a plushie of Devovorga and a Sight of Surrender's plushie.

So, I guess the rares would be the plushies, I did it with a lot of people and they never dropped any of the plushies, so I guess the odds are below 1%.
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Good to know about that. Any plushie may drop from him, although it will be a rare occasion?
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I know people who dropped Plushie, but I still had only gems and I did about 60 times. I think it doesn't depend on dmg, but rare but at the moment it is difficult to say what the chance is.

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hm, he drops any plushie from the event?
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yes, from this boss friend dropped Devovorga Plushie but don't have screen :(