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Being a precious and rare item, I wonder what price I can get with unpacked Snowman Packages around servers? We need 100 of these for the achievement The Snowman and it can be hard to get such huge amount of unpacked ones in one server... Any price for this? I would say that we can qualify the unpacked item as a rare.

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The price of Snowman Packages on the world of Pacera (Optional PVP) is 100k-250k each, with most people selling for 150k each Snowman Package. It's important to note if you're going for "The Snowman" achievement, you need to open 100x fresh packages that have never been opened before. To know if it's never been opened before, you need to look at the item and it will say Snowman Package. If it's been opened before it will say, Furniture Kit. Do not get scammed and buy Furniture Kits as these don't count for the achievement.

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good anti-scam advice!! Thank you!
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I think the price is dependant of each server, for example on Relania these packages could be bought for 20K ~~
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interesting! I wonder if there is a global price to be set (I believe that a few Tibia tycoons would buy it for a good penny in order to make the achievement or sell a 100 bulk)
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It could be, and I do urge anyone if they know if the prices in their server to also post an answer so we can see what server is the best ahahah.
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on my server, Antica it's really hard to buy smth but price is around 30-100k each. 

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