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I see many people getting the Powerful Imbuements. Usually they are High Levels (300~250+). Needless to say, these weapons imbued are very useful and expensive to own.

However, I also see the option called basic imbuements, reasonably cheap and easy to access materials needed to do... But are they really worth it early on? I was thinking about imbuing a weapon from my Free Account Knight (level 80) in order to make it able to hit energy on occasional Ghosts (immune to physical attacks) and also I was thinking about imbuing a weapon with earth attack in order to help my hunts on Orc Fortress... But are basic ones really that good? Would my Orc hunt have a benefit from it? Killing Ghosts would be better with Heavy Magic Missiles instead of second weapon imbued?

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XP efficient

  1. Check how much more xp you do with your imbued itens compared to your better permanent equips.

  2. More than 20% increase? Worth it.

  3. Worth notice that damage imbuements makes so you deal more damage/hour, making so your leech imbuements (mana and life) are more effective

Gold efficient (life leech/mana leech):

715.000 gold in 20 hours = 35.750 gold an hour = 239 GMP/h

  1. Check how many monsters you kill in one hour with the imbuements.

  2. Check how many more GMPs you needed to use to kill that number of monsters with your better permanent equips.

  3. More than 239 extra GMPs? worth.

So in conclusion you will have to see it by your own doing the experiment, making a few hunts on the same respwn using imbuements and doing it without imbuements so you will see the difference and you will determinate if it is worth it for you.
Since every person has a hunt style , different levels , different skills so I think thats the better way to find out.

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