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I know that basically every imbuement item gets easy if you focus on the right creatures, but what would be the easiest ones for Free Account players? Please explain where and how to collect such items.

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Here are some easy items to be looted as Free Account:

  1. Cyclops Toe
    • Looted from Cyclops.
    • Location: Thais Cyclops (Mount Sternum)
  2. Orc Tooth
    • Looted by every orc
    • Location: Orc Fortress
  3. Wyvern Talisman
    • Looted by Wyverns
    • Location: Rorc Plains (close to orc fortress)
  4. Green Dragon Leather
    • Looted by Dragons and also obtained by skinning dead Dragons
    • Location: Any dragon lair: Venore, Carlin, Thais...
  5. Elvish Talisman
    • Looted by every kind of Elf
    • Location: Shadowthorn in Venore
  6. Broken Shamanic Staff
    • Looted by Orc Shaman
    • Location: Orc Fortress
  7. Gloom Wolf Fur
  8. Elven Scouting Glass
    • Looted by Elf Scout
    • Location: Shadowthorn in Venore
  9. Winter Wolf Fur
    • Looted by Winter Wolfs
    • Location: Folda and Vega
  10. Pile of Grave Earth
    • Looted by Ghouls
    • Location: Ghostlands, Mount Sternum, Hellgate, many places...
  11. Demonic Skeletal Hand
    • Looted by Demon Skeletons
    • Location: Ghostlands, Mount Sternum, Hellgate, many places...
  12. Green Dragon Scale
    • Looted by Dragons
    • Location: Any dragon lair: Venore, Carlin, Thais...
  13. Piece of Swampling Wood
    • Looted by Swampling
    • Location: Venore Swamps and Salamander Cave in Venore
  14. Protective Charms
    • Looted by Amazons and Valkyries
    • Location: Amazon camp in Venore and Carlin
  15. Damselfly Wing 
    • Looted by Emerald Damselfly
    • Location: Salamander Cave in Venore
  16. Swamp Grass
    • Looted by Swamp Trolls
    • Location: Swamp Troll cave in venore
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Sorting from easiest to hardest..

Protective CharmProtective Charmsfrom Amazonand Valkyriein Amazon Camp

Elven Scouting GlassElven Scouting Glasses from Elf Scout in Shadowthorn

Elvish TalismanElvish Talismans from Elf (Elves, Elf Arcanist, and Scouts, Firestarters) in Shadowthorn

Cyclops ToeCyclops Toes from Cyclops in Mount Sternum

Broken Shamanic StaffBroken Shamanic Staffsfrom Orc Shaman at Orc Fort

Orc ToothOrc Teeth from many Orcs (Spearman, Shaman, Leader, Berserker, Warrior, Rider, Warlord) in Orc Fort

Gloom Wolf FurGloom Wolf Furs from Gloom Wolf caves north of Venore Swamp or in Poacher Caves

Rorc FeatherRorc Feathers From Rorc in Orc Fort

Swamp GrassSwamp Grass  from Swamp Troll in Venore Swamps

Elven Hoof Elven Hoofs only from Forest Furies in Forest Fury Camp during the Forest Fury Change. Lots of money totally worth checking for.


Hard items to get I wouldn't recommend trying unless you have spare time as the spawns are limited in facc among other factors. I'd say the Dragon Scales and Leather can sometimes also be troublesome but it's a classic hunt during facc time.

Green Dragon ScaleGreen Dragon Scales - From Dragonin Venore

Green Dragon LeatherGreen Dragon Leathers From Dragonin Venore

Pile of Grave EarthPiles of Grave Earth from Ghoul in Dark Cathedral or Cyclopolis

Piece of Swampling WoodPieces of Swampling Wood from Swampling Swampling and Woodlings in Venore Swamps

Wyvern TalismanWyvern Talismans from Wyverns near Orc Fort or Carlin

Lion's Mane Lion's Manes from Lions in Venore

Demonic Skeletal HandDemonic Skeletal Hands from Demon Skeletons in Dark Cathedral

Flask of Embalming FluidFlasks of Embalming Fluid from Mummies in Mount Sternum