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We all know Tibia is a game that has no sound, so we always put our own music for the game while we are playing.. so what music do you think is very good for playing Tibia?

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I am kind of big nostalgic person, so music from the first decade of 2000's is what suits better for me. Usually I like to use Youtube when playing, and I will recommend it for the sake of simplicity and zero costs (but of course, you can use any music streaming service as well to execute playlists ). However, I usually have a big variety of preferences for music. I am citing this specifically because many old and classic Tibia videos got music like this on the first decade of this millenium, not to mention that it was the style most preferred from many players from this era, so it brings memories!

This one got plenty of huge hits from this time. It depends really about the music or my mood if I skip or not some of them:


However, if you enjoy for example "classic rock", you can simply use the search mechanism on youtube and find the better one for you! Make sure to check "playlist" on the filter's search. On the example below, you can see playlist options themed as "classic rock"


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Nice playlist! love it +1
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For example I use to play BSO remixes likes this one which I like a lot to play it:


With this kind of music hunts are so much intense and fun :D

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I would REALLY recommend you to write "rpg tavern songs" on youtube, choose any option and have fun :D
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Cool man  thanks !
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I have a reproduction list on youtube (When I begin to reproduce the music I choose the worst quality, so that it is not affected my net.) and with the time I add something new or fresh, but is depends some time of my mood and of course tastes.
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Can you share it?