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Everytime that I rent a horse in Tibia, it is always a lottery regarding on what color I gonna get this time. Is there any way to know about what color I will receive when renting? Is there any way to manipulate this process or maybe someone can inform about the odds of receiving a certain color of horse?

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I have just noticed that there are 3 different colors! Everytime I was given the dark brown, so I had no idea It could be different
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On tibia wikia you can see that it's possible to rent one of the 3 colours. But nothing about the chance, I will make it later on 2 accounts and we will see :)
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probably it is completly random like 33-33-33%

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I rented the three types of horses by saying Hi, Rent, Yes over and over again until the NPCs Appaloosa (Venore) or Palomino (Thais) gave me all the horses colors. I used 8 characters it took me 190 tries in total among all my characters to get all 3 horse types because sometimes the NPC won't give you a new color so you have to keep trying. One thing to keep in mind is if you say Hi, Rent, Yes the first time you'll always get a horse. It typically went in this order: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Gray Horse. However, every now and then the order would change up. I even got the Gray Horse first once! Here's the picture for proof:

Remember, it took me 190 tries in total to get all horse types for all characters. I used 8 characters to test this out.  I'm not good at math so I made you a chart. The numbers will symbolize the amount of tries it took per character which I used 8 characters so there's 8 rows (left to right). Columns (up and down) symbolize each color (Dark Brown, Light Brown, Gray) What I want you to get from this is it seems to be random what type of horse color you get first but Gray seems harder to get on the first try. Ultimately, if your okay with spending 500 gps each time you try to rent you will be able to get all horse colors. You won't know what color it is until you try. It doesn't matter what type of colors are in the barn. Please let me know if anything needs to be clarified!

Rented HorseRented Horse (C)Rented Horse (B)

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EXCELLENT ANSWER! Exclusive material that I never saw before! Nice test. As I imagined, the gray one is the hardest one!  Thanks! By the way I love rented horses, haha!