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I want to know if there's any outfit or mount that is account-based and not just character-based. For example, it can only be purchased or obtained once not multiple times but will be applied to all of your characters not just one.
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You mean just mounts and outfits that are obtained ingame or from store too?
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including all mounts and outfit from store and in-game.

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  • Outfit Recruiter Male Addon 3Outfit Recruiter Female Addon 3Recruiter Outfit - Invite new players using the Tell-A-Friend to qualify which is in your account page on Tibia's website. For the Recruiter, basic outfit without addons = 1 invited player buys a product in the store. First addon = 3 invited players buy a product in the store. Second addon = 10 of your invited friends buy a product in the store. This outfit will apply to all the characters on your account even future.
  • imageAlso, a fun little fact about the Tell-A-Friend campaign - players that create an account after having received an invitation from a Tibia player will be rewarded with a "Rented Horse" which can be used on the first 3 characters on the account within the first 7 days after account creation. This means the mount is just temporary but it's a good thing to mention to friends if you plan to show them Tibia!
  • From server save on April 17 until server save on May 31, 2020, the mounts Benevolent Savanna Ostrich, Benevolent Coral Rhea and Benevolent Eventide Nandu can be purchased for 500 Tibia Coins each. When bought, the mount will be available to all characters on the account. From server save on June 1 2020 onwards, the mounts will still be sold for 500 Tibia Coins each under the names Savanna Ostrich, Coral Rhea and Eventide Nandu, but they will be only available to the character used when purchasing the mount. Any previously bought "benevolent" versions of the mounts will of course still be available to all characters on the account. Giving Back campaign during COVID

Tournament coins are achieved during Tournaments held by Tibia. You need to rank a certain amount on the score list to qualify for points and each Tournament can be different. If you look in the Store it will show you near the outfits and mounts that they'll apply to all characters, note that this doesn't apply to Tournament furniture items though:

  • Outfit Lion of War Male Addon 3Outfit Lion of War Female Addon 3Lion of War Outfit - 1,750 Tournament Coins
  • Outfit Veteran Paladin Male Addon 3Outfit Veteran Paladin Female Addon 3 Veteran Paladin Outfit - 1,750 Tournament Coins
  • Outfit Void Master Male Addon 3Outfit Void Master Female Addon 3 Void Master Outfit - 1,750 Tournament Coins
  • Dragon Slayer Outfit - 5,000 Tournament Coins (will add a better picture later)
  • Jousting Eagle - 1,250 Tournament Coins
  • Cerberus Champion - 1,250 Tournament Coins

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Is there is, the Recruiter Outfit Outfit Recruiter Female Addon 3Outfit Recruiter Male Addon 3 is available to the entire list of characters of an account.

The outfit and addons will be available to all characters on your account, you don't have to assign them to a specific character.

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