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Is there any way to get a completely free mount in Tibia? I would like to know how to do it. Store mounts and regular Tibia mounts can cost me effort and money, so is there any way to get a mount without spending any money? And when I mean Free mount, I mean a mount with zero cost in Tibia Coins,  game gold coins or any other real world currency.

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Well, there is a method accessible to anyone actually! But only for new Tibia accounts! You will get this free mount in 3 different characters under the following conditions described in the "Tell-A-Friend" section of Tibia official website:

Rewards of Your Friends


Rented Horse

Players that create an account after having received an invitation from a Tibia player will be rewarded with a "Rented Horse" which can be used on the first 3 characters on the account within the first 7 days after account creation.

Keep in mind that you can use this mount anywhere for the limited period of time mentioned. So if your char goes to Dawnport, Mainland, Island of Destiny, Rookgaard, etc, his mount will stay with him. Interesting ideas for screenshots I guess

My referral link is the following one if you want to help me: https://www.tibia.com/mmorpg/free-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game.php?taftoken=ce85f874-a94f-4a65-9116-1aa9a0fc839c

 But you can send your personal link to another email and get a new account with this small bonus in Tibia. In order to do that, access the "Tell-A-Friend" section once accessing your Tibia account at the Tibia official website and click in the option where you can send the link by email.

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Well! I forgot about this XD
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I have a video to help to clarify the issue in Youtube as well. If someone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLUsgTFHdxc
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One free mount that comes to my mind is a Water Buffalo , which can be tamed by using a leech . You just need to go to the Venorean Swamp and use a shovel here:

You may not be successful at the first try, but the chance is quite big.

You need to be a premium account to use it tho. So I'm not sure whether that counts as totally free.

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I can think in three mounts that I guess is what you're looking for:

Hellgrip: You need to complete the Gravedigger of Drefia Quest, and use Nail Case on the Gravedigger

Sandstone Scorpion: You need to break one canopic jar during the Mummy's Curse world-change and then kill Horestis (this is the hard part but it's not so hard) to drop a Scorpion Sceptre, which you can tame Sandstone Scorpion

Ursagrodon: This one you can tame only when Chyllfroest is active. You need to use a fireproof horn (which you can drop from Chakoyas, so it's not big deal to kill some) in a Tinder Box (which you can get one per day in Chyllfroest) to get a Melting Horn. Then you need to use the Melting Horn to melt the ice and get the Ursagrodon.
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BlazebringerThe "free mount"I know of is the Blazebringer mount. If you have lit all 10 basins on a successful Lightbearer event, you can ask Santa Claus for a very special present to receive this mount. It does require you to maybe waste some potions though so I'm hoping he counts as free!

I'm assuming hunting task points don't count so I won't include the mount you get from there as it seems to be a currency. 


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Interest concept here, I liked the suggestion! At a higher levels you can out run everything quite easily and light all basins so it would be an almost zero cost mount alter on. Some tbasins are kinda of rough to go through though.
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Oh man and you need premium account to get this mount so there's that as well. Horse is a way better option forgot that existed with that tell a friend
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good spot, but keep in mind that you can receive free premium time if you were a premium player in the past and returns to the game. So it can be a almost situational free mount your suggestion.