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Hello, I was hunting today and used Berserk Potion. I remember that it should last for 10 minutes, but its effect definitely ended faster than it should have. Are there any spells that can cancel effect of Berserk potion, so I can be aware for the future?
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Did you use utura or had any other buff food or even an enemy debuff casted upon you?
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I think the only spell which could interfere was utito tempo, but I am not sure if it's the reason. Didn't eat any food though
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oh, there you go! That's why it disappeared!

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Any other spell related to skill boost will cancel the effect of the Berserk Potion.

Hireling, Piece of Cake Cupcakes and Jean Pierre food may also cancel.

Try to avoid using the berserk potion or try to use this potions with low level characters attempting to rush with exori (it really helps to boost the XP of low level knights).

Utura / Utura Gran has no relation with skill modifiers due to potions.

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I tested it today. Used a berserk potion and then utura gran. When it expired I still had my skill bonus.
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interesting! The icon disappeared once utura was done but your skill bonus still persisted? Maybe this is what made me confused. I apologize, I committed a mistake and shared a wrong information. I gonna edit my post.
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I don't remember if the icon was there or not but the skill bonus was definitely still there!
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Any melee skill debuff or buff that you receive will erase the berserker potion effect