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The charm upgrade potion says "Drinking this potion temporarily increases offensive charm trigger chances except Cripple."

So it clearly applies to Curse, Divine Wrath, enflame, Freeze, Poison, Wound, and Zap.

Does that mean the potion only applies to charms that I have unlocked?

Would the potion only impact the creature I have assigned to the charm?

Since the charm normally has 5% of triggering, does that mean it has an additional 0.25% of triggering with the potion?

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Hey! "Drinking this potion will increase offensive Charm trigger chances by 5% (except Cripple) for one hour". Clearly the potion only applies to the charms you have unlocked since they are the ones you are going to use. And the same with monsters, only applies to the monsters you have selected with charms.

The charm has a 10% of triggering and it deals 5% of monsters initial hit points.

stats source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Charm_Upgrade