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As we know so far, we have a chance of receiving some potions every two weeks by either ranking among the top 20 or by being raffled among the remaining participants. My question is how the potion reward from Tibiadrome are received by participants entitled to get any. Is it sent to our Reward Chest in Adventurer's Guild (which would disappear after 7days if not collected), or maybe by mail? Perhaps, I would have to speak to any NPC (like Fabiana, Lorenzo, Emilio, Agostina which exchange Tibiadrome points for rewards)?

Also, is it available for my character straight after SS when the new round of two weeks starts?

What is the process of receiving the Tibiadrome potions as a reward?

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You receive your concoctions (aka potions) in a parcel in your Inbox. A letter mentioning the date, your rank and the drome level you reached is also found in the same parcel.

See below the screenshot taken by Lee kun during the test server.