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"...a number of potions, represented by 20% of the remaining participants up to a maximum of 50, will be raffled among themselves. The chances of winning a potion this way are based on the participant's drome level. The higher the drome level is in comparison to their competitors, the higher the chance to win." - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Tibiadrome#Rewards

I understand from this that the 50 best after the top 20 will also get a potion, if there's more than 70 participants at the rotation. So if my char get less than rank 70 is it sure the only way to get a potion is acumulate 2500 points for Drome Cube?

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As Trululu Gumdrops replied, you can get a potion even on a low level

But in the second part of the question you are wrong, random potions work like this (X-20)*0,2 where X is total number of participants, and the result of this formula is the number of potions that will be distributed between places 21+. So if there are 70 participants, there will be 10 randomly distributed potions between players and the higher your positions are on the list, the higher the percentage of your chance. I had a situation in which I got a potion on a character from a lower place and not from a higher one, so it is always worth participating in drome because even if the chance is small, it is not zero.


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In short answer, yes you can get a Tibiadrome potion at level 50 (Also is the minimum level to enter in the arena).

The level is no impediment to get rank/potion, of course is more hard get a good rank with low level by the level of difficulty. But probably in cases like a empty server you can get more close to high ranks and get a reward with low levels.
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So yes in an empty server?
Not my case but good to know.
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Yes, with less players taking part of the rank you have more chance.