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What exactly are the properties of the new potions which we can get from Tibiadrome?

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The new potions from Tibiadrome have the following properties:

• Kooldown-Aid       Resets cooldowns for all spells.

• Strike Enhancement   Increases critical hit chance by 5% for one hour.

• Stamina Extension  Fills up stamina by one hour (but not above the maximum).

• Charm Upgrade  Increases offensive charm trigger chances by 5% (except Cripple) for one hour.

Wealth Duplex  Doubles the loot from every regular monster you kill for one hour.

•  Bestiary Betterment  Makes kills count twice for the Bestiary for one hour.

•  Fire Resilience ,Ice Resilience, Earth Resilience, Energy Resilience, Death Resilience, Holy Resilience, Physical Resilience      -   Increases protection by 8% for one hour 

• Fire Amplification , Ice Amplification, Earth Amplification, Energy Amplification, Holy Amplification, Death Amplification, Physical Amplification  -  Increases damage by having your attacks and spells treat the targets sensitivity as being 8 higher for one hour.

Source : TibiaFandom