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I know every potion has its own unique effect on the player. My question is: 

Let's say if I'm going to use Wealth duplex which doubles the loot from every regular monster you kill for one hour, will I be able to activate in same time Bestiary Betterment which makes kills count twice for the Bestiary for one hour, or I will have to wait for Wealth duplex to wear off as some are in same Group cool-down?

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As we can read on the Drome teaser's TL;DR, each concoction (aka potion) "has its own individual cooldown of 24 hours". Since the cooldown is not shared among all concoctions, someone can indeed stack many effects by drinking different Drome potions. This was also confirmed in another post on the Drome teaser's thread.

Furthermore, the TibiaWiki articles on these potions have the following text in the Notes field since the day the teaser was published:

"There is a cooldown of 24 hours after drinking this potion. Since this is an individual cooldown, someone may stacks the effects of multiple Tibiadrome Potions."