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Among all of the beasts on Dawnport, which one (or group) is the most recommended regarding all important factors (experience points/damage received/loot)?

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i think the best way is to kill the trolls salamanders and the troll champion if the server is not recently opened, if the server is brand new and in dawnport is full of ppl trying to exping the best way is to kill the undead creatures in the cave in the west going down a few floors
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Minos can be a good call if I get friends early on and do a low level "team hunt"? Or the damage that they cause and hitpoint quantity on mobs make them somewhat a waste of time unless you get close to level 20?
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  • Level 2 to Level 10

1. Goblin Cave (Dawnport)

<img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Muglex Clan Assasin, <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Muglex Clan Footman and <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Muglex Clan Scavenger.

2. Mountain Troll Cave

<img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Mountain Troll and <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Troll-Trained Salamander

  • Level 10 to Level 13/Level 20

1. Minotaur Cave (Dawnport)

<img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Minotaur Bruiser and <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Minotaur Poacher.

2. Orc Cave (Dawnport)

<img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Orc, <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Scar Tribe Warrior and <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Rotworm.

  • Level 13 to Level 20

1. Undead Crypt

<img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Juvenile Cyclops, <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Cyclops and <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" /> Lesser Fire Devil.

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In my opinion the easy way is when the server is old killing the trolls inside the cave where the salamanders and trolls and a troll champion 2 rows and u get lvl 8
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IMO the best way is focus on  <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" />Mountain Troll and <img src="/images/5/56/SemImagem.gif" />Troll-Trained Salamander, you can find some of them next of PZ. You can get lvl 8 in less than 10 min.

This is good cuz you don't have to walk to much (we all know that the characters at this levels are extremely slows), just keep killing the monsters around until reach the level you want.