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We all know that Tibia has plenty of options regarding elemental sets available, however, what are the options of elemental sets (protection against fire, earth, etc) available for each vocation without any level requirement? I guess that closing a full set of elemental protection is impossible, but what would be the current options of gear available of elemental damage mitigation without any imposition of level barrier?

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Elemental Set with 0 level restriction:

- Earth

Cobra Crown (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +5% Earth Protection

Terra Hood (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +4% Earth Protection

Silver Amulet = +10% Earth Protection

Might Ring = +20% Earth Protection

- Fire

Mage's Cap (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +4% Fire Protection (Its a rare item)

Magma Monocle (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +4% Fire Protection

Dragon Necklace = 8% Fire Protection

Might Ring = +20% Fire Protection

- Energy

Lightning Headband (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +4% Energy Protection

Strange Talisman = +10% Energy Protection

Might Ring = +20% Energy Protection

- Ice

Pair of Earmuffs = +2% Ice Protection

Glacier Mask (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +4% Ice Protection

Icy Culottes (Only to Druid/Sorcerer) = +8% Ice Protection (Its a rare item)

Elven Amulet = 5% Ice Protection

Might Ring = +20% Ice Protection

- Death

Koshe'is Ancient Amulet = +8% Death protection

Stone Skin Amulet = +80% Death Protection

Might Ring = +20% Death Protection

Death Ring = +5% Death Protection

Moon Mirror = +5% Death Protection

- Physical

Dwarven Helemet = +2% Physical Protection (Its a rare item)

Zaoan Helmet (Only to Knight/Paladin) = +5% Physical Protection

Dwarven Armor = 5% Physical Protection (Its a rare item)

Zaoan Legs = +2% Physical Protection

Dwarven Legs = +3% Physical Protection

Stone Skin Amulet = +80% Death Protection

Protection Amulet = +6% Physical Protection

Might Ring = +20% Death Protection

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I can add Death, Divine and Physical too if you want.
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that would be perfect to have :)
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Ready! I dont remember item with saint protection
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Nice content! Up voted! I appreciate the contribution!
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I can show you best elemental protections for druids and sorcerers:





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Cool addition, seems pretty useful! However, what are the items that can protect me without any level restriciton?
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I liked the answer but still, how would be composed an elemental protection set without any level restriction?