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Hi, what would be the best set for hunting Werehyaenas on a RP lvl 200+ and the lvl range to hunt full box? Thanks

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I cannot agree with Trululu. I spend many hours on hyenas and lions and both these spawns deal more then 70% physical damage. If You want tank full box faster use physical resistance.

Foxtail Amulet,

Zaoan Helmet

Ghost Chestplate (Dwarven Armor - mostly forgotten by players now :D but still 2 slots or Prismatic Armor - my best)

Prismatic Legs

Prismatic Ring

Guardian Boots

That should be best in my opinion for 200lvl.

In terms of Imbuing bow - Holy Trinity: Crit Mana+Life Leech, Helmet - Mana Leech, Armor - Life Leech + Death protection.
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The question ask for level 200+ I suppose the range in 200-299.

@okonif Improve your question and be more specific with the range of level.
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I would delete this Tabard because hunting without vamp imbue is a joke. Unless you are high level which doing charms there but we are speaking about ~200 level.
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Yes, better the Lorica I forgot it.
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And to full 8 box them you will need at least level 400 for sure. Maybe a little less depending on your gear.