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Like every tibian, I do not like to expose myself to dangerous programs able to put in risk my privacy or data safety, so I am very pick about "resources and tools" to enhance my game experience with Tibia. Are proxies services really safe to use? Are they worth the price that they demand? Why not every game advertises proxy services like some companies do with the Tibia game? Is that safe to use a proxy with the Battle Eye anti-cheat tool enabled on almost every tibian world?

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Well it depends, actually there are servers for almost every region , since european guys have United Kindgdom , south american guys have servers located in Brazil and North American have also servers locate in the EEUU. So I think now there is no reason for use proxies, maybe if you want to low your ping some ms but it wont be that much unless you play from Russia or Egypt , maybe those countries need a Proxy to play better.

And they are safe? I will say yes because there is no need for a proxy company to steal or to do ilegal things which can make their bussiness go down so quickly , so I think they are all reliable.
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So for a brazilian playing on a European server, a good move would be to acquire a proxy service in order to reduce delay/lag? I also should add that brazilian internet is inferior to european standards.

Does Cipsoft reccomend any specific proxy service? One that would be safe enough and that would never appear to Battle Eye as something harmful?
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Time ago I used proxies and I never had a problem, I think they are safe 100%
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