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I am trying to sell rares but I do not like the idea of trading an item outside of trade option between characters. Is it common for it to be with Tibia Coins? If yes, how can I do it safely? Is there any resource or form to protect myself from scammers? It is seems a risk thing to do.

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I don't know about it but I suggest you to always receive the payment first.
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You can ask the person to buy some items on market until it has the same price as your rare and then use the safe trade (I saw it on a stream of someone selling the crown) not the easiest option but it’s safe

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Some items like Golden Helmet, Horned Helmet, Winged Helmet have increased in price recently and can sell for way over the market max price in most worlds. Some players request Tibia coins over gold coins due to the pricing increase. It's hard to obtain that much money without converting the Tibia coins into gold coins. Also, most players from other worlds will want to purchase it fast so instead of selling Tibia coins for gold they would rather gift the coins. However, it's not safe unless you actually know the person. But who do you really know in Tibia?

  • Some players use a middleman, but it's not a safe way because you have to both trust the middleman or else he can run away with your gold/tibia coins. I wouldn't suggest this unless you're willing to gamble.
  • Some players will also trade other rares for one rare.
  • Another way is for the player to put the item on max bid (999,999,999) on the market when you're both online then you purchase it this way and you'll pay the other player the rest of the money using a different method. But, not all players like this option because you can get scammed out of the rest of your money.
  • Always the safest way to do trade would be using the market or safe trade.

With Tibia Coins using a middleman that you both trust is sadly the most reliable method if you want to do it this way, but still not the safest bet. Please note, if someone gifts you Tibia Coins you're at risk of being scammed that way as well! I messaged Cipsoft Support regarding this:

"You can buy Coins from other players at your own risk. Remember that we can't help you if you're scammed or if the Coins are deleted later on if they were obtained illegally. ... Unpaid Tibia Coins which were gifted to you are usually deleted. This means your Tibia Coins balance can also dip into the red."

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if i were you, i would ask for the tibia coins first and if the person was afraid i would suggest an exchange service with someone you trust