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I haven't seen very many people do these arenas and was wondering if it is even worth doing them as you get no exp and use supplies to get badges. Is there a level where it becomes worth it? My friends tell me its a waste of time, but I have seen the red pit demon dolls sell for a lot.

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If you do them in team, it can be profit since you won't spend a lot of supply, otherwise by your own it is not.

The good use of the pve arenas were to refill mana full and to 'teleport' yourselft to ur city when  dying. But tibia deleted this option, now you appear outside the arena when you die in it and you are in red hp.
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I usually do arena pve not only to be able to trade Arena Badges for potions, but also for the probability of getting a CUBE BOX and thus getting the chance to get the DEMONS PIT DOLLS.

hope this help :)