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The following is basic information about Tibia Q&A board. Please read this before posting questions or answers if you are unfamiliar with this sort of forum. Click on any question to show or hide the answer.
  • What kinds of questions can I ask here?
  • Most importantly, questions should be relevant to Tibia. Before you ask, please make sure to search for a similar question. You can search for questions by their title or tags. Please be specific when asking a question so the community does not have to guess what did you mean to ask and so the post is clear for players that read the question in the future.

    As an author of the question, you get to choose the best answer. To do so, click on the check icon displayed next to every answer in your question. If you have enough reputation points, you can also vote answers up and down to indicate whether they are useful or not. By voting and choosing the best answers, you are helping to keep the useful posts at the top and have them highlighted. This helps other users viewing this question quickly find the best answers.
  • What kinds of questions should be avoided?
  • Please avoid asking questions that are:
    • not related to Tibia (What are the best MMORPGs right now?)
    • too subjective or argumentative (Which vocation is the best?)
    • too broad (How to play this game?)
    • easily answered by official manual (How much exp is required for level 56?)
    Remember that this is a Q&A site - only questions and answers. You should not post contents that are not actual questions - like tutorials or plain ranting. Also any questions that go against Tibia Rules will not be tolerated.
  • What should I avoid in my answers?
  • Tibia Q&A is a question and answer site - it is not a discussion group. Please avoid holding debates in your answers as they tend to dilute the quality of the forum. For brief discussion, or to thank someone for their answer, please post comments, not answers.

    Moreover, avoid posting plain links as an answer. You may back your answer with off-site resources, but make sure to actually answer the question in the first place.

    Before posting a new answer, please take a moment to review existing answers. If there's an exact same answer that you intended to post, please vote up an existing one, instead of posting a new one. If you think that the existing answer is good, but it only lacks a small detail, consider commenting on an answer to help the author or the editor improve it. If none of the answers look good enough, please go ahead and post a new answer. You may also leave comments on other answers, explaining why you don't think those answers are correct or good enough.
  • Can I answer my own questions?
  • Absolutely! Remember that Tibia Q&A is all about building a knowledge base. If you have managed to find an answer to your question, you are encouraged to post it here as well. That way, other users who encounter the same problem will be able to easily find an answer. Moreover, you are welcome to post interesting questions that you have stumbled upon in other places (eg. Support boards or Help channel) whether you know an answer or not. Each interesting, well-formulated question and a good answer will add to your reputation score.

    Note: Selecting answer as "Best Answer" for your own question will not add bonus points. However, all votes from other users will still count.
  • Who moderates this community?
  • The short answer is: you. This website is moderated by the users. Points system allows users to earn rights to perform a variety of moderation tasks, eg. voting questions and answers up or down, flagging inappropriate posts, approving or rejecting posts by anonymous users or hiding posts from the site.

    With great power comes great responsibility. If you abuse the moderator or editor tools that you have been given, you risk a penalty, including removal of the reputation points or complete suspension of your account.
  • How does point system work?
  • When a question or answer is voted up, the user who posted it will gain points. These points serve as a rough measure of the community trust in that person. Various moderation tasks are gradually assigned to the users based on those points.

    For example, if you ask an interesting question or useful answer, it will likely be voted up. On the other hand if the question is poorly-worded or the answer is misleading - it will likely be voted down. Each up vote on a question will generate 2 points, whereas each vote against will subtract 1 points. The following table lists points gained per activity:

    Posting a question: + 1 points
    Selecting an answer for your question: + 2 points
    Per up vote on your question: + 2 points
    Per down vote on your question: - 1 points
    Limit from up votes on each question: + 20 points
    Limit from down votes on each question: 10 points
    Posting an answer: + 1 points
    Having your answer selected as the best: + 15 points
    Per up vote on your answer: + 5 points
    Per down vote on your answer: - 2 points
    Limit from up votes on each answer: + 50 points
    Limit from down votes on each answer: 20 points
    Per up vote on your comment: + 1 points
    Per down vote on your comment: + 1 points
    Limit from up votes on each comment: + 3 points
    Limit from down votes on each comment: + 3 points
    Add for all users: + 10 points
  • How does community participate in moderating the site?
  • Tibia Q&A is meant to be moderated by the community itself in a big part. Moderators exist to review actions taken by the community or make decisions on edge cases.

    Each user starts with 10 points. Points are earned by taking actions on the site and in consequence, earning trust. Exact point values are listed above.

    Trusted users get access to more advanced tools to help moderate the site and improve the quality of the content. See the following table for the point thresholds at which new privileges are awarded:

    Posting on user walls 15 points
    Voting on comments 20 points
    Voting on questions 20 points
    Voting on answers 30 points
    Voting posts down 70 points
    Flagging posts 150 points
    Approving or rejecting posts 500 points
    Retagging any question 750 points
    Editing any question 1000 points
    Editing any answer 1000 points
    Hiding or showing any post 2500 points
  • What are flags and when should they be used?
  • After gaining enough reputation points, you will be able to flag all questions, answers and comments posted on this site. Flagging posts is a moderation privilege awarded to trusted members of the community. Flags allow to mark content that is for any reason inappropriate for this site. Posts that receive a certain number of flags (the number varies) are automatically hidden. Flagged posts are also brought to the attention of moderators and other community members who can single-handedly hide posts.

    Please flag a post when:
    • It contains spam or other abusive or offensive material
    • The majority of the post is non-english
    • It doesn't belong to this site per What kinds of questions should be avoided? and What should I avoid in my answers? guides, that can be viewed above
    • It is posted as a question, but doesn't provide any
    • It is posted as an answer, but doesn't attempt to answer the original question (moderators can convert it to a comment, if the post is useful)
    • An exact question has already been asked (please link the duplicate question in the comment)
    Please do NOT flag:
    • Answers that you find partially or completely incorrect (this is handled by voting)
  • Still have questions?
  • Visit Meta Tibia Q&A and look for an answer there or leave a new question if you cannot find anything. For Tibia related questions, please ask here and help make our community better!

    If there is anything lacking, please use the feedback form.
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