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Hello dears Tibians!

I'm working in some guides (quests, hunts, etc) and often I have to take screeshots to add to the guide, in general the method I use is following: "Press Print Screen, paste it at paint and save".

This method seems to me pretty bad, so I'd like to know is there is a way or software that allow to me to press print screen and it save automatically without interference at the game?

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In Windows 10 you can achieve this goal automatically by pressing Win key + PrtScreen button.
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I've found a way to save it directly to onedrive to who use windows 10 as following:

1. Click with the right button at the OneDrive icon.


2.Click settings

print screen

3.At the open window select the option auto save


4.Select the option "Automatically save screenshots I capture to oneDrive"

print screen

After you click "OK" all screenshots that you take will be saved at automatically at OneDrive.

https://canaltech.com.br/windows/aprenda-a-salvar-print-screen-sem-a-ajuda-do-paint-no-windows-10/ (It's in Portuguese)