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The boss seems to be stronger and it is no longer possible to leave him trapped.

I'm BR, looking at the Brazilian wiki, the first stage of the boss is strong for physycal attack. Looking on the english wiki, he gets 100% damage to physycal attack.

My team failed to kill him. We are trying to identify where we have failed and what we can improve on, but without the right information it is complicated.

What tactic can we use at each stage of the boss? Can knight elemental weapons help?

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Time is of the essence so I want to include each vocations responsibility regarding killing Urmahlullu after the update (Note: I did get help from the players of my world to ensure quality thank you so much to Smuu and Sore Surer)

For Knights: Winterblade Winterblade is best or you can do a Gnome Sword Gnome Sword. For Axes: Cobra Axe Cobra Axe while using the spell Utito.

What Knights can do to help is to firstly walk Urma to a spot where he switches targets as he will, never walk to another player ^ or < of TP and magic  walling v of the TP.  If 2 people block the boss (EK/RP) it can be in any corner. Please note during the end of 3rd stage if there's no RP, you can also create a magic wall ensuring that the boss sits in place to be beamed. You can't just follow 4th form around the room because it will go back to 3rd form it must be trapped and go FULL ATTACK on it. 2nd stage and 4th form of boss is most demanding as it needs to be killed within a minute. After they do this they use the spell Utito to ensure proper damage.

For Paladins they should help be a side tank to keep it from moving. Paladins typically bring Infernal Bolts Infernal Bolt or Spectral Bolts Spectral Bolt  (got this information from players) and Sudden Death Runes Sudden Death Runewhile using mas san and san.

For  Mages Sudden Death Runes Sudden Death RuneandIcicle RuneIcicles (Only on Wisdom of Urmahlullu) + Waves. Ice should be used on Wisdom as shes immune to death then.

Wisdom of Urmahlullu- Wisdom of Urmahlullu is the one where mages use icicles as it's -100% death and -100% fire all others mages and paladins will use spells and sudden death runes.

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Well imo u need mages if u are low levels to burst sd's. Team should look like ek to block, 1 rp is max and rest mages.

Rp need attack by arrows and sd's. :D

Tactic is simple all the time sd's just when u reach stage with Wisdom of Urmahlullu keep attack by wave's ue's, if u want ek can switch weapon its up to him but ofc it would be helpfull for team mates to defeat boss.
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Now I can make it on my lil pally :D