When are questions closed or deleted?

Help Center · When are questions closed or deleted?
Moderators and trusted community members can either lock or hide questions. Most of the questions that do not belong to TibiaQA are not immediately removed. Instead, they are closed with a note that explains why the question is not a good fit for TibiaQA. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Questions will be instantly removed if they are:
  • spam
  • offensive
  • against the Tibia Rules
  • hacking attempts
  • for any other reason dangerous for other community members

Closed questions clean-up
Locked questions are automatically scheduled for deletion after 5 days. They are reviewed once again by a moderator before they are permanently gone.

Duplicate questions
A special type of closed questions are duplicate questions. Those questions are never removed from the site as they serve as useful pointers to the question that already exists and has answers. Keeping the duplicate question makes it easier for users to find what they need if they choose to use different wording.
See also: How does community participate in moderating the site?
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