How does community participate in moderating the site?

Help Center · How does community participate in moderating the site?
TibiaQA is meant to be moderated by the community itself in a big part. Moderators exist to review actions taken by the community or make decisions on edge cases.

Each user starts with 10 points. Points are earned by taking actions on the site and in consequence, earning trust. Exact point values are listed on What are reputation points and how to gain them?

Trusted users get access to more advanced tools to help moderate the site and improve the quality of the content. See the following table for the point thresholds at which new privileges are awarded.

Posting on user walls 15 points
Voting on comments 20 points
Voting on questions and answers 50 points
Creating new tags 100 points
Flagging posts 150 points
Pinning questions temporarily 300 points
Voting posts down 400 points
Approving or rejecting posts 500 points
Retagging any question 750 points
Editing any question 1000 points
Editing any answer 1500 points
Closing questions 3000 points
Hiding inappropriate posts 3000 points
Review rejected and hidden posts and restore them 3000 points
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