Moderator agreement

In order to access the moderator tools, the moderators must review and accept the following terms.

The agreement

I acknowledge and agree that as a moderator for I will abide by the Help Center guides, and other policies made available to me.

I acknowledge that as a moderator for I will receive access to a variety of moderation tools and agree to use them only for improving the best to my knowledge and in accordance with guides and policies.

I agree to follow and actively participate on Meta TibiaQA to keep track of any announcements and to assist other users with their questions and issues.

I acknowledge that I will have access to potentially sensitive information about and its users and that in connection with such access: I will not disclose this information to anyone, I will not store or copy this information, and I will use such information in connection with moderation tasks exclusively.

I acknowledge and agree that I am an independent volunteer moderator to and my privileges and rights as a moderator may be terminated at any time without warning.

Community Moderators

FPoPP - appointed Mar 13, 2019
Xarkost - appointed Jul 11, 2021
shawtay - appointed Feb 22, 2022
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