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found you there, but I can't find your user. It seems that my message couldn't reach a user named Zupakode, weird...
Sep 6, 2018 by FPoPP
just sent you a private message there! Reached you, Zupakode?
Sep 6, 2018 by FPoPP
Hello! Is there any way that you have an account on TibiaRoyal.com? I ask because I gonna be a member of the staff there soon (as a translator), so it would be great to have a place to send you private messages (I think that Facebook or email might be way too personal, so I guess that we need to discuss a little before we both feel confident enough to share such information).

If you have an account on any official supported Fansite with the option to send and receive private messages, I can register there and contact you if you wish in order to facilitate our communication.

Fresh Prince
Sep 6, 2018 by FPoPP
Playing since 2000, old school
Aug 21, 2018 by Zupakode
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