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I know I've read this somewhere before other than Wiki so I was curious as to what quests don't appear in your quest log?

The Quest Log is a feature in your console that helps you overview what quests you have already done and how far you are with them.

The quest log will not display all quests. It is primarily for multi-part quests where you need to complete one or more missions for an NPC. Most other quests will never be listed, even if you have completed them.


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Quests that don't have an npc interaction don't appear in the quest log.

Many old quests such as Hat of the mad or Bright Sword quests won't appear in the quest log.

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Thanks for your answer only makes sense is there any other quests?
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Most of the old quests that were about reaching to a place and killing a strong monster behind a level door.
Orc Fortress, behemount quest, crusader helmet quest, naginata quest, black knight quest and so on.