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I'm in Rook at the moment and I'm wondering do your skills increase the same speed as Mainland?

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The rate that skills level up are based on your vocation,

- Axe, sword, club and fist fighting are trained faster by knights, paladins way slower and mages even slower, for some reason druids train faster than sorcerers, no vocations are similar to mages.

- Distance fighting is trained faster by paladins, couldn't find any data about other vocations.

- Shielding is trained at the same rate for knights and paladins, and slower by mages, no vocation characters train maybe at the same rate as mages.

- Magic level is trained faster by mages, followed by paladins and then knights (the rate for no vocation is unknown).

- Fishing is the only skill that level up at the same rate for all vocations, even characters with no vocation, the top fishing is actually a rookstayer.

Hope I helped ^^
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Knights trains sword, axe and club fighting skills faster, Paladins train distance fighting faster and mages (sorceres and druids) train magic level faster. This mean that the amount of hits or mana points required to level up a skill is lower than in other classes.

At rookgaard  you don't have a class so you'll not have any skill benefit comparing to the classes in Mainland, meaning that the skills will level up slower if you compare the primary skills of each class.

However if you compare your melee fighting at rookguard to a melee fighting at mainland of a Mage I believe it goes the same speed.
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Since your skill advances are boosted by the previously chosen vocation, the characters staying in Rookgard get no additional speed boost while leveling up any melee skill or magic level.
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