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Hello dear Tibians!

Which creatures are immmune or reflect physical damage? I'm talking about the regular monsters please don't consider bosses.

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These are the ones I know:

Creatures that reflect physical damage:

  • Meanancing Carnivor Menacing Carnivor
  • Spik Carnivor Spiky Carnivor

Bosses that reflect physical damage:

  • The Armored VoidbornThe Armored Voidborn
  • The source of CorruptionThe Source of Corruption
  • Zarcorix Of Yalahar Zarcorix of Yalahar

Creatures inmune to physical damage:

  • Burster spectreBurster Spectre
  • PhantasmLagatos
  • Pirate GhostPirate Ghost
  • GhostGhost
  • GreedGreed
Bosses Inmune to physical damage:
  • Aftershock Aftershock
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Burster Spectre, ghost, phantasm, countess sorrow, cursed prospector, evil prospector,etc... are immune, i dont have any information of reflection.

You can check the full list here:


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Just adding to the list of creatures that are immune to physical:Tarnished Spirit Tarnished Spirit Murderous Ghost murderous ghost Ghostly Apparitionghostly apparition