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I know for us players we can only summon up to two creatures (not including Grovebeast etc.) however I'm wondering if some creatures actually break this rule so I want to know which ones do out of curiosity?

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I'm not gonna consider bosses here:

  •  Lich, summons up to 4 bonebeasts 
  •  Phantasms, summons up to 3 Weaker Phantasms 
  •   Lizard Snakecharmer, summons up to 6 Cobras 
  •  Slimes, summons up to 3 Squidgt Slimes 
  •  Acid Blob, summons up to 3 Acid Blobs 
  •  Death Blob, summons up to 3 Death Blobs        
  •  Mercury Blob, summons up to 3 Mercury Blobs 

I'm gonna do a quick research and add more as my research goes on!