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I'm questioning whether or not to finish my Hunting Task as I had a very long day. What will happen to my Hunting Task the next day? I've never not completed one so I'm not entirely sure because I don't want to lose points. Also, will I be "Exhausted" on that slot tomorrow once I complete this Hunting Task tomorrow will another appear that same day for example? Or the other days coming up?

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Here is what happens:

  • If you don't select a creature, your hunting task will remain with the same 9 monsters, until you either complete one or buy a reroll
  • If you select a creature, you have 2 options of quantity: X or 2X, you will only be able to select 2X if you have that creature completed on bestiary. If that is the case, you will also get 2x as much points.
  • There is no time limit to complete a task. It will remain there until you finish it or reroll.
  • If you finish it before the SS, you need to wait until next SS to start a new creature. But if you finish it another day, you will be able to instantly retrieve your points and 9 new creatures will be displayed for your selection.
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The hunting task stays with you until you finish it, so take your time to finish it when you want to. Once you finish the task, you can roll to get another one.
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It will just remain in the same place, won't be considered exhausted. If you want to continue the next day, it's not a problem. You can even complete this task over a few days.