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We know it drops from everyday bosses, but what is it for besides selling?

Is there any use of it? I have 200 stored in my depot.

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From my understanding all it is is a light weight as you can simply sell it to yasir for 700 gps. Quite a cool item for decoration. I'm sorry I wish I knew of another use but this is all I know.
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Dragon Blood should be a medieval artifact much coveted by merchants, masters, craftsmen, and so on. Sad destination tô this item.
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I read that too.. :( Maybe you can make a Warlord Sword with it!
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At this moment there are no specific use for Dragon Blood, all you can do, as Shawtay said, is sell it to Yasir for 700gps.
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Although at the moment there is no specific use for the blood, I like to keep some of the creature products in my depo, because cipsoft often adds new uses of those products in new updates. New quests, new imbues. If you don't need the cash at the moment, why not holding it for a bit :)
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Dragon Blood

Nobody's Loot, only during The First Dragon Quest event: Gelidrazah the Frozen, Ice Dragon, Tazhadur, Kalyassa, Zorvorax.

Added: 11.02 (December 6, 2016).

 Sells to Npc Yasir Carlin, Liberty Bay or Ankrahmun for 700 gp I found no other use in any quest, and this item can be traded by the Market.

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