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When you first complete the Hot Cuisine quest you have the opportunity to make 2 sets of all the dishes. However, on one of my characters I didn't finish doing all the dishes in the 2nd set (can't remember if I even started the 2nd set but I did complete the first set of dishes (all 14). When Hot Cuisine starts again will I be able to complete the Hot Cuisine quest by making the first set of dishes but then also the dishes that I missed ontop of that from last year?

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Once you have completed the 14 dishes for the first time, you can do them again ONCE a year. It means that even if you didn't make all of them last year for second time, this new one, you will be only able to do them once again.

This year, as you already did the 14 dishes in order for the first time during the last event, you will be able to do the ones you want once (you don't need to do them in any order, just the ones you wanna do); there won't be a 'second' set

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:( Well that's upsetting thank you