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I searched in wiki and it says if I complete the quest I can choose which dish to make but the complete quest is only part 1 and part 2 or I can make any dish that I made before?
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First time You do the quest u need to do all dishes in the correct order, then You will get achievement and You can make them second time again. Next years You can do them only once per one character in any order :)

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First year you do the event you need to do all the 14 dishes in the right order.

  1. Rotworm stew
  2. hdra tongue salad
  3. roasted dragon wings
  4. Tropical fried terrorbird
  5. Banana chocolate shake
  6. Veggie Casserole
  7. Filled jalapeno peppers
  8. Blessed steak
  9. Northern Fishburger
  10. Carrot cake
  11. Coconut shrimp bake
  12. Blackjack
  13. Demonic candy balls
  14. Sweet mangonaise elixir

Once you are done, you can repit the dishes you want again once the same year. 

From there, you'll have to wait for next year event to do again the dishes you want once.

The good ones I would go for are:

  1. Rotworm stew: heals yourself completly
  2. Hydra tongue salad: cure all the negative conditions (good to lose pk, or pz lock)
  3. Tropical fried terrorbird: increases mlvl in 5 for an hour (for huntings I would use the tropical marinated tiger of the hireling, which increases mlvl in 3)
  4. Blessed Steak: refills your mana
  5. Pot of blackjack: heals you in 5k hp and can be used several times
  6. Sweet mangonaise ellixir: create 10 copies of the ring you are using atm.

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Very good answer, well explained.
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If you do it for the first time, you have to do all the dishes in order, to get an achievement you have to do all the dishes again, but in the next year you will be able to do the dishes you want but only 1 per year. Summarizing first time u need make ALL dishes in  proper order and next year u can make only wanted  dishes without the need to do everything and stick to the order.

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wrong, first time you dont n eed to wait a year for a second round
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If you do it for the first time, you must make all the dishes in order by making a second round available if it is the first time that character performs the dishes you will earn the 'Culinary Master' achievement, then you can perform all the dishes once a year at the order you want!