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If I want to go to the Otherworld: 

  • Is there a way to know where the teleport is located (Ank, Zao, Svar), without having to run there?
  • How often does the teleport change location? 
  • Is there a pattern? Like Ank -> Zao -> Svar? Or is it random?

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The item that Lilli mentioned is the Spying Eye, when used, it will tells you where is the vortex location as following:

  • A void vortex has opened near Kazordoon.
  • A void vortex has opened on Edron.
  • A void vortex has opened on Svargrond.
  • A void vortex has opened somewhere in the Zao steppe.
  • A void vortex has opened somewhere in the Darama desert.

It changes location every two hours and haven't predefined pattern, being able to move to any location including staying at the same.

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Hey, sure, there is a way to check it!

After completing the whole quest you are getting this item: .

After clicking on it, it shows you the current location of the teleport so if you are planning on doing the bosses, just keep it in your backpack.

The teleport changes every 2 hours and it's random.

Note that only one of these places will be open at a time, and the location is randomly selected every 2 hours (starting after server save). A Spying Eye can be used to find out where the vortex is.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Heart_of_Destruction_Quest