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So as the question states in the topic: where is the best spot to finish Orc Warlord bestiary? I've finished all the other orcs, so my only concern are the Warlords.

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The best place to complete Orc Warlord bestiary for me was Orc Fort also known as Ulderek's Rock (The picture above)! You just need to go underground like your going to the Orc King.  So for me I did this during Rapid Respawn weekend. It tooks a couple of hours to be honest. In the picture it's noted that there's about 4 Warlords -1. However in the 2nd picture below, which is -2 where the Orc King is there's about 7 Warlords. Best of luck for the Orc Warlord Bestiary!




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I recommend you to go Orc Fortress at the Orc's King room during a rapid respawn. You will kill all of them insede the room than left and kill all around the stairs, it stills take some time to finish but is a better option than keep moving around.

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Spawn couldn't handle me if I waited at orc king I had to go to the upper floor too better to get it done faster but if u wanna camp orc king sure but it'll be slower