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Is it completing forgotten knowledge quest or doing heart of destruction quest? Which way would be easier or faster?

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The final boss from Heart of Destruction is easier than the final boss of Forgotten Knowledge quest, so completing Heart of Destruction quest is the best option.
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im lvl 173 is it possible for me to complete it?
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Well, it will depends on your team. At this level you won't help your team, basically you will focus to keep alive.
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The easiest way to obtain all the imbuements would be to defeat the final boss of destruction heart and the 6 mini bosses to avoid having to face the boss so and so in view of the greater difficulty that it represents, thus obtaining the same benefits with less risk.

It should be noted that defeating the final boss does not guarantee us the obtaining of all the imbuements, in fact only defeating these bosses you get so-and-so, basement and mengano, since you have a low level I recommend you have a good team that supports you.

Below is a list of these mini bosses and their corresponding imbuement

Happy hunting, then you tell me how it went with this method.


 Powerful Electrify image,  Powerful Swiftnessimage,  Powerful Cloud Fabricimage

Lady Tenebris Lady Tenebris  

Powerful Lich Shroud image,  Powerful Reap image,  Powerful Vampirismimage

Melting Frozen HorrorMelting Frozen Horror 

 Powerful Quara Scale image ,  Powerful Frost image,  Powerful Blockade image

The Enraged Thorn Knight The Enraged Thorn Knight 

Powerful Snake Skin image  Powerful Venom image  Powerful Slash image                  

  Powerful Chop image  Powerful Bash image

Dragonking ZyrtarchDragonking Zyrtarch 

Powerful Dragon Hide image  Powerful Scorch image  Powerful Void image

The Time GuardianThe Time Guardian =

Powerful Demon Presence image   Powerful Precisionimage

Defeating the mini bosses of of Forgotten Knowledge quest and the final boss heart of destruction quest   ( World Devourer World Devourer)  secures all imbuements