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I'm not too familiar with the Mean, Flimsy, and Freakish Lost Souls but I heard that only certain vocations get mana drained from them. If this is true please list the vocations that do get mana drained.

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That's really interesting!

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They only mana drain druids, and it was confirmed today by Skerio that it's indeed an intended behaviour.

I went there on my druid and copied the mana drain from the server log. You're also able to try this with equipping a Bronze Amulet on different vocations and you'll notice that the charges only goes down on druids.
20:54 You lose 213 mana due to an attack by a flimsy lost soul.
20:55 You lose 261 mana due to an attack by a freakish lost soul.
20:55 You lose 240 mana due to an attack by a mean lost soul.

The Cursed Prospector  and Evil Prospector  that you're able to find in the Barren Drift in Edron doesn't drain mana.

Why is it like this?
Until Cipsoft explains why they only mana drain druids we can only speculate. Here's some theories:
- The Flimsy/Mean/Freakish lost souls are strong against physical damage and it's an attempt to make the spawn balanced for all vocations, since druids got several strong waves they can cast compared to sorcerers.
- The Evil/Cursed Prospector are also strong against physical damage. The Evil Prospector got 100% damage reflection against earth and fire damage. And they have something like 142% damage reflection against energy damage. Because of this Cipsoft decided to add something to the new Lost Soul to try and balance it (even though the new Lost Souls and Prospectors are not found together).

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So not even Sorcerers? I mean why just specifically Druids.. O.o & This goes for ALL the Lost Souls I mentioned?
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That's true, I exp there duo with MS and my friend has full mana all the time. I always exp with around 4-5 k of mana cause of mana drain... It' super annoying
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thanks for your response. thats super interesting...