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I was wondering which items belt slot items provide a bonus other than light. Normally the items that can be equipped in the belt slot are categorized either as ammunition or as light sources (although for the latter not all of them emit light, e.g. bone fiddle).

I know only of the following ones:

  • Gleaming Starlight Vial mana drain +5%
  • Bone Fiddle:  life drain +5%
  • Shining Sun Catcher fire +5%
  • Lit Moon Mirror death +5%

These have protection against different types of damages, so I was also wondering whether there are others that perhaps protect against energy damage, holy damage, etc.

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Gleaming Starlight Vial:  mana drain +5%

Bone Fiddle:  life drain +5%

Shining Sun Catcher:  fire +5%

Lit Moon Mirror:  death +5%

Besides the one's you already mentioned above, these are the other two items that provide some useful property other than light:

Magical Torch:Magical Torch speed +25 (temporarily obtained during the Lightbearer Event)

Lit Torch (Sparkling):Lit Torch (Sparkling)  holy +2%

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Damn I guess you were writing your answer when i was editting mine xD
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hey no, you're fine you answered first
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There is no more items which provide bonus at this moment. Just this 4. :) but imo they should change some of light sources like Glass of Goo should give earth protection. :D

Edit. Well there is Magical Torch with give you speed but its for certain time. :) speed +25 and orange light.
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yup, i do agree with the magical torch