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Hey. Just wanted to know if going full crit gives u higher dmg numbers than flat mlvl. Idk exacly how much crit chance u can have or crit dmg so maybe someone here knows it :)

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They are not exclusive, you can have both crit and highest magic level.

The only way to get critical is by: 

  • Imbuing a weapon with critical chance (10% chance, 50% extra damage)
  • Conjuring Wand of Darkness, as a sorcerer: (10% chance, 50% extra damage)
  • Using Cobra Wand (sorcerer only), which has: (10% chance, 35% extra damage)
  • You can get 18% critical chance in a creature if you add LOW BLOW as a charm rune (only works for 1 creature)

Since most wands/rods have 2 imbuement slots, you can still get +4 ML on the 2nd imbuement, and wear a full ML set.

That means you don't have to choose between critical or magic level, just go with both.

For the set, check: https://www.tibiaqa.com/14337/what-are-highest-dmg-output-possible-items-for-ms?show=14337#q14337

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So that means u can't imbue same thing x2? I mean for example x2 crit in wand.
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Thats right, you can't...