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For the Hunting Ground Changes on 1/28/2020 it states that changes were made to the hunting grounds and the creatures inside it whether it would be experience or gold decrease. My question is, it talked about specific hunting spots like Rathleton Grounds for example. Inside these grounds there's Hellspawns, does this mean if I were to kill Hellspawns in Yalahar these creatures will receive a slight decrease as well? So it's focused on the hunting ground but other places can be affected? Then this would mean there's other hunting grounds affected but unmentioned...So are the creatures from other spawns affected by the Hunting Ground Changes?

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I checked fury on Fury Gate and I got the same exp as on on Feru Seal...

With 150%:

13:58 You gained 2362 experience points. ( before on 100% it was 4500 xp now 1575 xp )

13:58 Loot of a fury: 40 gold coins, concentrated demonic blood.

So i think changes are made for monsters, not for hunting places.