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I know you need to use large seashells and obtain 100 Pearls in order to get this achievement. My question is how long does it take to typically get the shell seeker achievement?

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It really depends, first of all you can open only one shell every 20 hours, secondly, after opening the shell you can get one of the three options:

  • find a Giant Shimmering Pearl
  • find nothing
  • squeeze your fingers resulting in a loss of 200 hp (equipment will lower the damage).

All the options have a similar chance so depending on your luck, I'd say no less than 200 days.

P.S. I would also like to add some statistics that I have found just now:

It seems that you have more or less 50/50 chance of getting a pearl. This concluded that, as I've mentioned before, you need around 200 attempts (days more or less)

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The stats say you have around 50% chance to get a pearl, so if you open 1 large shell day after day in a row it would be around 150 days
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Umm not really. 50% chance means that (to put it in a very simple way) one day you get a pearl, the next day you don't, then you do and so on.
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Could you edit your answer to include the source of those stats? :)
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I was doing this achievements for around 150 days on 2 chars. Now with 3 friends we are doing this on noob chars. What I can say:

  •  to get a pearl is not that hard. It's around 60% chance in my opinion to get it., 
  • around 30% to find nothing
  • and maybe even less than 10% to get squiezzed. (I got it maybe 5/6 times?)

So if you are doing it everyday you can get this achievement in 150-200 days (if you are very unlucky)

Please remember that those statistics are mine, I didn't find them anywhere so I can be a little mistaken.