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What is the best way to make quick money on a level ~100 druid or sorcerer? Is there a particular hunting spot that would be super profitable? Perhaps there's another way than just hunting? If you can attach an estimated profit per hour, that would be awesome too.

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Other than hunting spawns with imbuement materials, which differs from server to server, there should be a couple of spawns that might be profitable after the last few updates.

Minotaur cults - This spawn is located just to the east of the entrance to Mintwallin, to get access you only need to talk to the NPC outside the entrance door and say Hi > Mission. Bring Firewalls and firebombs to make sure to pull as few as you can since they quite a bit of damage at around level 100, the minotaur mages cast AoE healing on all the other creatures, make sure to kill these first. You need to do the Postman missions for access to the royal mailbox in norhtern Mintwallin since the cap from the loot is very high and you need to do a lootbag. You also need 150+ voting points in Oramond to be able to sell the loot yourself but it should be worth it in the end, I've only hunted in there with a 300 knight and got about 300-400k profit/h but you should be able to expect at least 100-200k/h.

Feyrist (little Roshamuul) - You need to do the quest "threatened dreams" for access to this spawn, which also gives you 3 arrow slot items with fire res/death res and mana drain resistance and access to a boss called Kroazur which can be killed every 2h for a chance on additional silver and gold tokens. This spawn contains Weakened Frazzlemaws and Enfeebled Silencer which drops a lot of rares as well as silencer claws/Clusters of solace, which is usually worth quite a lot. Always equip a garlic necklace for the weakened frazzlemaws life drain. They can hit quite hard so you might want to use mana shield and start pulling 1-2 at a time until you find a good pace for yourself. The profit here depends a bit more on luck with loot but a level 100+ mage should be able to do 100k-200k/h in here as well.

Glooth Bandits - You need 300 voting points in Oramond for access to this spawn but it is worth it, the exp and loot makes it one of the best spawns for a level 100~ mage who wants both exp and profit at the same time. Exp should be around 1-1.5kk/h on bonus stamins (150%) and the profit should easily be 100k+/h. You need 150+ voting points to sell most of the loot but since you require 300+ to access the spawn this is no problem.

Oramond Voting Points

Fastest way to obtain Oramond voting points?

Rune Making - With the daily shrine streak bonus (claim several daily rewards in a row, maxed out at 7) you will have double the mana regeneration and you will also regenerate soul points/stamina while standing in a depot, a house or a few other selected pz places. This makes mana sitting and rune making worthwhile again, especially if you have a lot of regeneration rings and such items lying around since the bonus applies to all regenerative items as well. Check your worlds market and compare mana/soul points used versus how many gp the runes is worth and rune your heart out.

The main runes you want to focus on is Avalanches and Wild Growth on druid (WG might not be worth as much anymore due to an update where you can now buy them from NPC) and Great Fireball/Sudden Death on Sorcerers.

Market Trading - Another way to earn profit regardless of your vocation if you don't want to hunt would be to try your luck at market trading. Get access to Rashid, blue or green djinn and start buying items cheaper than the NPC price. You can also try and buy all sorts of items cheap and then sell them for a higher price like potions, imbuement materials, tibia coins etc. This might require some starting funds and patience but it's a nice way to get some extra profit while not playing that much. The profit from this depends on the prices of your world and how much time you put in it but you can make well over 1kk extra per week using this method.

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What is the fastest way to obtain Oramond voting points?
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