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Most of the houses in tibia got their own light source on the wall like: ,or . After i bought a house i realized that there is no light source on the wall. That's why I want to know which houses got no light source which is permament.

Example which you can check is Ivory Mansion in Liberty Bay. In  this house you won't find any lamps on the wall. 

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What house with no light sources did u rent?
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Ivory mansion in Liberty Bay

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After small reearch I realized that we won't find any lamps/etc in all new houses. There is a list:

  1. Prima Arbor in Ab'Dendriel
  2. Theater Avenue (Tower) in Carlin
  3. Caretaker's Residence in Carlin
  4. Pirate Shipwreck 1 in Darashia
  5. Pirate Shipwreck 2 in Darashia
  6. Ivory Mansion in Liberty Bay
  7. Stronghold in Edron
  8. Castle, Residence in Edron
  9. Dwarven Magnate's Estate in Kazordoon
  10. Forge Master's Quarters in Kazordoon
  11. Haggler's Hangout 7 in Port Hope
  12. Big Game Hunter's Lodge in Port Hope
  13. Lakeside Mansion in Svargrond
  14. Harbour Place 3 in Thais
  15. Smuggler's Den in Thais
  16. Lucky Lane 2 (Tower) in Venore
  17. Lucky Lane 3 (Tower) in Venore
  18. Mad Scientist's Lab in Yalahar.

Maybe it's a bug and they forgot to add light sources?

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I will check it soon. I checked every house on cyclopedia and I didn't see any lamps there :) if it's true I will update my answer:)
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Updated! Looks like only new made houses are without light source if House was made from old building which had this light then it was't deleted and this light is still there :)
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I dont remember a house being where my house currently is. Is this true? I have a bad memory :x